Friday, July 31, 2009

Timbertown,Family Reunion and the Fair

We celebrated my Grandparents 90th Birthday and 70 years of Marriage. They have 23 grand kids and 57 Great Grand kids. We had pictures at their house and then went to Ottawa Reformed Church and had a fabulous lunch catered in by Beechwood Inn with some play time after. each family had a different color.

We took the kids to the fair one night. Wow some things never change. I got to sit and people watch alot since Mike took Logan on rides and played games and I went with Brooklyn and Brinzie as they rode rides. My mom watched Brailee for us which was soo nice..thanks Mom.. My dad said she is a spoiled Brat..apparently she wanted to be held alot...OOPS!!! Probably My bad but they are only little once..right???

I took the kids to Timber Town on Friday to feed the ducks since I had alot of bread and it was a day that we had nothing to do. The geese and the ducks were crazy..They just kept coming in herds when we were feeding them..The geese kept on hissing when you didn't feed them. I was freaking out and Brooklyn said "it's fine Mom." UMM NO its not lets go well Logan said NO I AM FEEDING THE DUCKS!!! So I took Brailee and we watched where their was no ducks or geese.
Logan took this picture of us.

I was tending to Brailee and I turned around and found Logan eating the bread, apparently he was still hungry....

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