Friday, July 31, 2009

Timbertown,Family Reunion and the Fair

We celebrated my Grandparents 90th Birthday and 70 years of Marriage. They have 23 grand kids and 57 Great Grand kids. We had pictures at their house and then went to Ottawa Reformed Church and had a fabulous lunch catered in by Beechwood Inn with some play time after. each family had a different color.

We took the kids to the fair one night. Wow some things never change. I got to sit and people watch alot since Mike took Logan on rides and played games and I went with Brooklyn and Brinzie as they rode rides. My mom watched Brailee for us which was soo nice..thanks Mom.. My dad said she is a spoiled Brat..apparently she wanted to be held alot...OOPS!!! Probably My bad but they are only little once..right???

I took the kids to Timber Town on Friday to feed the ducks since I had alot of bread and it was a day that we had nothing to do. The geese and the ducks were crazy..They just kept coming in herds when we were feeding them..The geese kept on hissing when you didn't feed them. I was freaking out and Brooklyn said "it's fine Mom." UMM NO its not lets go well Logan said NO I AM FEEDING THE DUCKS!!! So I took Brailee and we watched where their was no ducks or geese.
Logan took this picture of us.

I was tending to Brailee and I turned around and found Logan eating the bread, apparently he was still hungry....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jesse Concert and Brailee 2 Months

Jesse McCartney came to Berlin to perform. Dad got all of us front row tickets and back stage passes for the kids. They were so excited. They even got to go back stage and meet him, they all thought he was so nice and sooo cute. I felt kind of bad being in the front row and only knowing 2 songs. Jess only knew a couple songs but by the end of the night she bought the CD off I tunes and listens to it non stop..Dad stayed for half of the show and then left. He said he wanted to keep his hearing for a couple more years.. Thank You Dad, we all had a great time!!

Brailee is 2 months already..Where had the time gone..We are enjoying her soo much, she is now smiling and cooing, it is so cute to see. She even rolled over from her belly to back last week. We went to the doctor today and she had 3 shots and did great, she only cried for a little bit. She weighs 11 pounds 11 ounces, she is 23 1/4 inches long and is in the 75th percent for everything. the doctor says she is perfect..but we already knew that...:)

This is the first time we seen Dr. Paul for Brailee. He is my others kids doctor also. We Love him.. He asked me jokingly what I do in my free time..I said vacuum...:) What I Love to do!!

Summer so far is going good, we are busy doing who knows what. Logan is still going to school every day Monday through Thursday half days. Jess still off doing who knows what now that she can drive. She is still working at the cafe on Monday, Thursday and Fridays, so if you are in the area she loves visitors. Brooklyn goes with the flow, she has been playing alot with Lexi, its so nice to have a cousin right up the road and is the same age for her to play with. She went to Camp Geneva with her cousin Brynn and had a great time. She also got braces on which has been going great so far. Mike still continues to be busy with the business, which is great considering our economy. Our race team still continues to do good the last 2 races that he raced he finished 2nd at North Carolina and 4th in Indiana. I am busy with diapers, baths, bottles and the day to day of mother hood. Brailee has been sleeping from 10:00-10:30 till 7:30 the past couple of night so that has been super nice...I hope I don't jinks myself by typing that..She is a very good baby.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Days

Perfect Circle Racing so far has been going great, we won the last 3 races that Brian has raced. Two of them being at Berlin. One of those he raced against Kyle Busch(Nascar racer for those of you who don't care about racing) in the Rowdy Busch 125 where we started 9th, and the other was the ASA race, where we started 6th. It was really cool to win both races at his home track. The other win was at ORP in Indiana, we started 11th and took the lead with 5 laps remaining. The guys have been very happy with the way things have been going. Winning sure does make for a happy Husband...:) This weekend Brian and Crew traveled down to Rockingham North Carolina to race...Kind of nervous, Mike keeps saying this track is very rough and Brian has never been their so it makes me a little nervous..I am sure Mike will be pacing at the cottage on Saturday with the phone to his ear all day. I just got off the phone with Lisa, Brians wife and she told me that Brian took Heathe Fowlers mini van(they borrowed his van for the weekend) around the track last night to get a feel for the track???? Crazy boys!!!

Logan loving his sister, he likes to hold her for about 2 minutes and that is about it. The other day Brailee was laying in her boppie underneath her entertainment center.(I cant think of what that thing is called that they lay on with things that hand from the top???) I walked out of the room to brush my teeth and came back to Logan pushing her out of it because he wanted to go under it..AHHHH SO he had to sit in the naughty chair..It was kind of funny how he explained it to me but he needs to learn, he is kind of sneaky that way.

This is how she sleeps sometimes when she is in a dead sleep...
Brooklyn is still a huge help when she is home. She got braces on last week and so far it has been going great. She said they didn't even hurt.. She is going to Camp Geneva next week. It sure is going to be quiet here with out her, but we will miss her!!!

Brailee loves Summer days by Aunt Deb's pool!!!

Pretty sad Logan knows how to take a picture of himself. Think he's been watching his sisters too much..

Pam's kids, Brooklyn and Brinzie swimming in Aunt Deb's pool. Thank you to Deb for always letting us use you pool when ever we want.
Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend. I am sure I will post again when we get back from the cottage.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brailee is 1 Month Old!!!

Sorry this is soo late but for some reason I couldn't get my blogger to work..Pam came over today to help me and what do ya works..This is going to be picture over load, I really didn't know what ones to put up here since it has been so long. If you are my friend on Facebook sorry you have seen all of these. I think that is another reason why I have been slacking is because all of my pictures are on facebook too.
This is one of my favorite pictures at the hospital. Aunt Deb is holding her. She is 1 day old here. Don't ya just want to squeeze those cheeks??
Another one of my favorite, Mike holding her, this is usually how they end up at night, both falling asleep..Her cheeks are big but in this picture they look way bigger than what they really are.

Great Grandma and Grandpa came to visit her when she was a week old, she was fussy for Grandma but fell right to sleep by Grandpa. He said that he hasn't held a baby for so long, not even his own kids, he probably held her for a good half hour. Brailee is the 56th Great Grand Child.

I Love this picture too, we all think she is going to have brown eyes now..

Everyone says she looks like Mike and Brooklyn, but this one I heard she looks like me. What do you think?

I cant believe how time flies. One month old already?? Our life hasn't really changed much except for less sleep and the house isn't as clean as what I would like it to be but I have learned to say "oh well, it will get done tomorrow." And if you know me I LOVE a clean house with nice vacuumed lines.. That doesn't happen a whole lot now. As for Brailee we think she is a good baby that loves to be held and NO ONE lets her cry much, so she gets held alot which can be quite difficult at times. And when she cries she lets it all out..She is such a good sleeper, she goes down around 10:00 and gets up any where from 3:30-5:00 and then around 8 or 9. So my nights are not that sleepless. I have been very blessed with kids that LOVE to sleep..The kids are all having a good time with her, especially Brooklyn, she is a HUGE help. She changes diapers, clothes, bathes her and feeds and burps her. This comes in very handy when I am dealing with Logan or trying to get something done. She is always trying to help with anything. She is done playing ball which was alot of fun to watch and wow alot different from last years coach pitch to the girls fast pitching. If you need some one to watch your kids she loves to play with kids too!! Jessica is busy working at the cafe 3 days a week from 6:30-3:00 and then at Berlin on Saturdays and other race days selling brochures. She is also staying busy with her friends and laying out in the sun..when its out that is!!:) Logan is going to Zeeland Christian summer school 4 days a week from 9-12. This will be so nice since he is getting bored at home and needs some structure. Mike is staying busy building and fixing race cars. He is also staying busy with the ASA travel team. We won the Rowdy Busch at Berlin on the 10th of June and then went to Indianapolis on the 13th and won their also. So he (we, the team) we very excited. Makes for a happy husband!! And as for me..well change diapers, feed kids, wash, vacuum, blog, facebook..and ya know all of the other motherly duties that I love doing. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Sorry so long but I had a lot of catching up to do..:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's A Girl...Brailee Rian Bursley has arrived!!!

Hi everyone...this is Pam (Kathy asked me to post a blog for her). Kathy was admitted to Holland Hospital on Monday at 1:00 p.m., to have her labor induced. On Tuesday morning, May 19th, at 11:23 a.m., they were blessed with the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Brailee Rian. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 oz.; 20-1/2 inches. Mom, Dad and daughter are are doing wonderful!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today we celebrated Easter at my Mom and Dads house with the whole family. Brian and Deb were either on vacation or at their relatives. Mike and I and the kids and Mike's Mom and Brother celebrated Easter with my parents at their house. What a beautiful day it was and the food was usual.. We started with the Easter egg hunt, it was kind of sprinkling so it was a quick one but the kids had alot of fun, the eggs are filled with money, so the older ones that can drive are appreciating it even more... Here's a picture of all the kids before the hunt.
Jessica found her basket under a bush.
Brooklyn's was by the tennis court.
I think Uncle Brian found Logan's some where but it was getting too cold and raining harder for his picture and he does NOT like the rain at all...
Pam, myself, Deb and Mom. Thanks Mom for another great gathering. Its always fun for the kids and the adults to talk and EAT alot of great food.
Nothing really new has been going on lately. The kids went through a sick couple of weeks with a terrible cough. Brooklyn was put on 2 asthma inhalers and Logan still has his cough but it has broken up. I cant believe school is almost over with. Logan will be going to summer school a couple weeks a month, these are only half days so that will be nice, and now that Jessica can drive this might come in real handy, especially with a newborn. Speaking of Baby I am 35 weeks today. YEA!!! I went to the doctor last week and to all of our surprise I am 40 percent thinned and dialated to a 1. No big deal on the dialation part but the doctor would like me to try and wait a least another week. We would all like 2 weeks but who knows, time will tell. So I have to take it easy. Which I am as much as I can. Its really hard with the weather being so nice out lately. I have been taking advantage of the nice weather and sitting in the sun while the kids are at school. I cant complain!!! Brooklyn just started practicing for ball. She loves playing ball and is alot of fun to watch. Jessica will be Dutch Dancing in a couple weeks, she is already nervous to dance. She gets very nervous performing in front of people. Logan just goes with the flow, he also loves to play ball, watch TV and now with the weather being nice he loves to blow bubbles and play with side walk chalk. Sorry this has taken so long but..I don't have any excuses I guess just lazy.. enjoy the beautiful weather!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend was so nice out. We took out the stakes in the driveway,this will probably bite us in the butt later when we get some more snow :( We also cleaned out the garage and played a little ball with Logan. He is going to fun this summer, he actually like to do things now like play ball, or just hang around outside. Don't get me wrong he still LOVES his TV. And now he loves to play, so now we all have to take our turns with the computer, or Jessica just goes to Grandma and Grandpas house to use their computer...Oh to be 16 and have such a busy life..:) After Church on Sunday we took Brooklyn and Logan to the Circus at the Delta Plex with Brian and Pam and their kids. Kids had a great time, even the adults had a few laughs and didn't think it was too bad. I think it was better than last years so that was a plus. Kids wanted to ride the elephant in the beginning and we said NO rides and NO junk. Well.. that is all Logan wanted to do and since this was something he wanted to do I couldn't say NO to him. Yes I am a sucker. After the elephants came out for their act all he would ask is "Can I ride the elephant now? Is the circus done?" And so on, frankly it got quite annoying, when Logan gets something in his head, he doesn't forget about it.. So after the Circus I just thought he would be content to see the elephants but NO WAY... well the line was to long so they rode the camel, which he loved just well ,but now all he says is that he needs to ride the elephant. geez are they ever happy???? :)

We also had the privilege to watch Liam again at night while Tim and Jen had youth group. Well it was supposed to be ME (Kathy) watching him but the minute they walked in Brooklyn snatched him right out of his car seat and he fell asleep in her arms. It was so cute and wow I cant believe he did that, sometimes he needs to be walked around and sung too. Reading this you would think he was mine...Sometimes I think he is..:) After Tim and Jen got home he was awake and needed a diaper change, well he ended up peeing on Jen, which Brooklyn noticed. It was quite comical. And then I got him, well he was kind of fussy so I just walked around with him and sang to him and it wasn't doing the trick. So Brooklyn said let me have him and I told her probably not honey he is kind of fussy right now.. Well she didn't care. And wouldn't you know that little stinker got him to stop crying for the rest of the night...Can you say babysitter????!! She is going to be a great help when the baby arrives. We are both baby hogs, so this will be interesting when this little girl arrives... And speaking of baby, I go to my 30 week apt on Thursday. I love going to the doctor every 2 weeks!! It just means its getting closer.. Are we ready???? Her room is ready to be painted which will start tomorrow. So hopefully 2 more weeks and it will be complete...
Liam is looking at racing websites here with Mike. Isn't he such a cutie pie!!!! I should mention that Jess got to watch him in the afternoon. I think Tim and Jen should go on a mini vacation so we can all get used to a baby around all the time.. Did you read this DeHaan's??? hint hint :)

This is Brooklyn and Liam walking around at night. I dont think she could get any happier or proove to me that she can do it...